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how to refill our candles

  • How quickly is my order shipped?
    If necessary, we clarify the details of the order and ship it at the next working day. We will send you "track & trace" parcel number as soon as the order is shipped.
  • What are the shipping options and costs?
    Free shipping from 75 USD total order amount for North American and European customers! We have 2 shipping options: - Standard (USPS). Delivery time is around 8-25 days, depending on region. - Express Courier (DHL Express Worldwide). Delivery time is around 4-10 days, depending on destination. For shipping by Nova Poshta please place your order at the local web store. The shipping tariff is fair and is based on the total amount and your shipping address. It is calculated automatically at the checkout, but the general rule is: The more you order, the less the shipping is. ​ Thanks to our partnership with major operators, you can enjoy low shipping tariffs for Standard Shipping and Free Shipping is available at the below order amount:
  • How quickly will my order arrive with Express Shipping?
    Of course, it depends on your shipping address and region. Average delivery time within the Europe – from 4 to 6 days. Average delivery time within the USA – from 6 to 8 days.
  • Import dues / VAT and other taxes
    All import dues and taxes are included for shipping within: - USA You will not pay extra import fees / VAT / other taxes with ordering Express Shipping to below countries: - Canada - European Union - Switzerland - Norway - Hong Kong (China) - Japan - Australia If you were charged with VAT or import fees, please let us know and we will compensate you the amount charged. If you are from the country not listed above, you may be responsible for payment of import fees when applicable at your destination. We will support the shipment with relevant documents for smooth clearance.
  • What if I decide to return the product?
    We are very sorry that something did not suit you. ​ We always try to meet your needs, and therefore you can return the goods to us within 30 days from the day of purchase, if the payment receipt (or e-mail/screenshot confirming the order), the original packaging and the product have not been used (the wick was NOT lit). ​ You don't need to not explain the reason for the return, and we will not ask. But we will be very grateful if you tell us what exactly did not suit you. ​ In case of a return, the delivery is carried out at the expense of the buyer. Please contact us for shipping address. ​ Refunds are made in the same way as the payment was made.
  • Do you provide any warranty for your products?
    Candles: We provide a 30-day product warranty, namely, we will replace the product with a new one if: candle goes out by itself at normal humidity in the room, or candle split in half without any signs of heat or mechanical force ​ Our product is, first of all, natural wood that "breathes". Over time, cracks may appear on it or the structure of the bark/wood may change. This does not affect the functionality of the candle, and even, on the contrary, emphasizes its naturalness. These processes depend on the temperature and humidity in the room. Therefore, we do not recommend leaving candles on turned-off radiators or under infrared heaters. We also do not recommend leaving candles in damp or poorly ventilated rooms, among damp things, etc. - this can cause mold to appear on the wood. When a burning candle is heated, small amounts of resin may be released from the wooden part, so it is not recommended to place it on those surfaces from which it will be difficult to wash away wood resin or wax. ​ The warranty does not apply to candles that have already been used by more than 30%, or if the storage conditions have been violated. Observe normal storage conditions: air temperature from +10 to +25 ℃, relative air humidity 40-60%, sufficient ventilation. Other products: Just like candles, all our products are designed to last. But we provide a 30-day product limited warranty which covers manufacturing flaw or similar issues.
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